1. We receive your Job Description / Profile via email, contact form or one on   one meeting.


2. The Job Description / Profile is loaded onto our system for direct application where we screen and shortlist potential candidates.


3. A Candidate interview is setup with Beyond Recruitment Solutions prior to meeting with the Client.


4. CV's of shortlisted Candidates will be presented to the Client.


5. An interview is setup for the Candidates and Client to discuss the job requirements and access the suitability of the Candidate to fulfill that position.


6. Checks will be done as per the Client's request and the Candidates will be informed accordingly.


7. The successful Candidate will receive a job offer from the Client through Beyond Recruitment Solutions.


8. Candidate commences emplyment at new job.


9. Beyond Recruitment Solutions continually monitors the performance of the Candidate during the induction period and continues to support the Client  and Candidate.